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Date: 2001-07-24

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> (considering Baltic *gud-)
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> > Or perhaps "speaking like a Goth"? In South America the Spanish
> > known as "Godos", so it can obviously be used in a derogatory
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> > Torsten
> My idea was that gud- at least in Lith. gu`das '1. a Belarusian; 2.
> foreigner' continues the ethnonym of Goths, obviously adopted by
> Balts (and Proto-Slavs ?) before the Great Consonantal Shift (so
> reflexed as *d, not *t in Baltic).
> As for Lith. gudu'oti, the idea of it's onomatopoeic origin seemes
> quite attractive, but I'm not sure it's related to gu`das.
> As for the Spanish in South America, could you qualify _who_ calls
> them so? The locals of mixed (Spanish-native-...) origin? I no
> to nothing about locals/Spaniards relationship in South America.
> it mean the social status of the Spanish at one time became lower
> than the one of the locals?
> Sergei

I once borrowed a copy of "Mafalda", an Argentinian comic book from a
friend. It used the word "Godos" in that sense, as my friend
explained to me. Those that used the term in the comic were white and
middle class.