Re: [tied] *H1wes-

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 7936
Date: 2001-07-18

>A good question. There quite a few "wet" lexemes beginning with *w-
>and there have been attempts (started by van Langehove 1939, I think) >to
>combine them in a single word-family by reconstructing the >"underlying
>root" **h1ew- with various extensions and suffixes, e.g. >*h1w-ed- (better
>known as *wed-), *h1w-er-s-, *h1w-es-, *h1w-eh1-r-, >etc.,

Ick! Of course, *wed- is seen even in Uralic *wete (viewed by
some as an early borrowing from IE) and there's no evidence of
any laryngeal there either.

- gLeN

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