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From: João S. Lopes Filho
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Date: 2001-07-14

It's plausible to connect the Third Smith to the sparks and the ore.
Speaking of the male and female fire spirits: Were there another Female
Hearth Goddesses besides Hestia and Vesta, or this goddess can be seen as
Old European myth, later substituted by the IE Fire-god?

Joao SL
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> Fristly, the THREE was the magic number on many things in IE
> mythologies. The ancient Europeans were wont to see, it seems, most
> things in terms of three. The names of the Cyclopes suggests some
> relationship with the thunder god, though links between the thunder
> god and smith-god are sparse in the IE mythologies. Except for the
> Cyclopes relationship with Zeus and the Baltic thunder- and smith-
> god affinity, most smith-gods seem more like chthonic gods than sky-
> gods.
> Still, it seems that the early IE peoples saw some connection: the
> smith's hammer is an attribute of the thunder god, his hammering is
> like thunder (I guess). The fire in his forge was sometimes
> identified with a male spirit (as with the Balts and Slavs) as
> opposed to the female spirit of the house hearth (as with Hestia and
> Vesta, etc.). The third smith-god you adeptly cite may be from the
> sparks that are made when the hammer beats the metal? Maybe he was a
> magician that turned the ore into metal?
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> > PIE Smith God: One or Three
> >
> > It's clear to me that PIE myth had a triad of Three Smith Gods
> (perhaps originally carpenters).
> > Let's see:
> >
> > The Three Cyclopes (Greece) : Brontes, Steropes, Arges
> > The Three Rbhu (India) :, Vaja, Vibhu
> > The Three (or Four) Elves, Ivaldir's sons (Scandinavia) : Alfrigr,
> Grerr, Bergling ...or...Eitri, Brokk, Sindri
> > The Three Irish Smiths : Goibniu, Luchtar and Creidne (or Cian,
> Samain and Goibniu)
> >
> > And more:
> > The Four/Three Telkhines? - Ormenos, Lykos, Akteus and
> Megalesios ...or... Argyron, Khryson and Kalkhon
> > The Three Builders of Thebas walls - Amphion, Zethos, Lokros
> > The Three Builders of Trojan walls - Poseidon, Apollon and Aiakos
> >
> > My hypothesis is that there were Three Smith Gods, possibly three
> men that was turned into gods to honour their great squills. Their
> were:
> > THUNDER - names
> meaning "thunder", "thunderer", "strong", "noisy", "copper/bronze"
> > LIGHTNING - names
> meaning "quick", "violent", "penetrant", "hot", "burning", "gold"
> > FLASH - names meaninh "shining", "white", "gleaming", "silver"
> >
> > I'd like to discuss it.
> >
> > Joao SL
> > Rio de Janeiro
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