Re: [tied] Re: Neptune, Poseidon, Danu, etc.

From: João S. Lopes Filho
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Date: 2001-07-05

1) *dahon seems to come from older *-dason
2) It could mean "earth": it's not impossible.

3) An how about ge: / de: / da: for "earth" im Greek dialects?

I guess de:/ ge:/ da: < *dga:; perhaps from IE non-Greek dialect *dga: <
*dgam < PIE *dh(e)ghom

dga: > *ge:
dga: > *gda: >da: > de:

4) And if Potidahon meant "Lord of Slaves/Foreign People/Humans" cf.
Sanskrit Dasyapati.
Despote:s could come from it: *des-poti-

PIE *des-/dos- /(ds-?) "human being "
Greek doulos (*dohelos) "slave"
Sanskrit dasya : Iranian dahya "foreign people, enemy"

Joao SLopes
Rio de Janeiro

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> I saw a theory that Poseidon somes from *potis - da: = "lord land" =
> "lord of the earth", which is the wrong way round for IE because it is
> an over-literal loan-translation of a Semitic god name "Ba`al `Ars." =
> "lord of the earth", the name being because he was blamed for causing
> earthquakes by some such method as jabbing with his trident at the
> underwater slopes of the islands.
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