Jutland /w/

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Date: 2001-07-04

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> > Interestingly, English seems to be the sole IE language to have
> preserved the "original" PIE pronunciation of *w in prevocalic
> positions.
> >
> > Piotr
> Jutland Danish ("jysk") south of the Limfjord has v before front
> vowels, w before back vowels. North of the Limfjord it's w-
> everywhere.
> Torsten

For accuracy I should add, after looking at Brøndum-Nielsen's maps,
that the tip of the peninsula Djursland and the island of Samsø has w-
everywhere (suggesting that "w- everywhere" is a relic), and that
the Eastern part of North Slesvig (the area from the border to
Kolding) has v- everywhere (along with the rest of Alfred the
Great's "South Danes".