Reply regarding Picts and Pixies

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Date: 2001-06-15

From Jeremy Richmond,

"pixie" is the Cornish word for a dwarf. Its related to the Scotch-
Irish-Gaelic word "pecc", the Manx word "beg", the Welsh
word "pegor", which also mean "dwarf" and it is also related to the
Breton word "berr" and Gaulish word "bacc-us" which both
mean "short". The similarity between the pronunciation of the Gaelic
word "pecc" and the word "Pict" led people in Scotland into thinking
that the Picts were short.
Tacitus described the Picts who he called the inhabitants of Caledoni
as having red hair and large limbs. The Ulster Cycle tale
called "The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel" disagrees with Tacitus
regarding the hair color of Picts which it calls Cruithnig, but it
does agree with him regarding the largeness of their limbs. It
says, '"I saw an apartment with three men in it,", said
Ingcel, "three huge, brown men with brown hair equally long in front
and at the back. They wore short black capes that reached to their
elbows, and the capes all had long hoods. In their hands they held
large, black swords and black shields and broad, dark, glittering
spears; and each spear shaft was as thick as the lifting bar of a
cauldron. Explain that, Fer Rogain." "Difficult that to explain,"
said Fer Rogain. "I know no trio in Eriu like that, unless they are
the three Cruithnig who forsook their country and came into Conare's
household; Dub Longes son of Trebuait, Trebuait grandson of Lonsce,
and Curnach grandson of Fiach."