Re: [tied] Hattic, PIE Myth

From: João S. Lopes Filho
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Date: 2001-06-14

I've already thought on these correspondences. I think it's not impossible.
Encyclopaedia Brittanica pointed relation between Telepinush and Telephos.
It's not impossible that Hattic names with Tele- were folk-etymologized as
Greek prefix Tele-.
How about pinu-/binu-? Any link with Semitic bin- ?

Other good link to -pinu could be PERSEPHONE, perhaps the "daughter of
Perses", cf. Hekate, the daughter of Perses and Asteria. What do you think?

Tlepolemos could be a dissimilition of *Tleponemos, through association with
polemos "war" and tle:- "to bear".
So, I'd guess Tle:polemos < *Tle:ponemos < *Tle:ponomos <*T(e)lepunu-m-

Joao S. Lopes
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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> Hattic Talipinu (= Hittite Telepinus) is a son of the thunder god Taru.
> I've read that Hattic "pinu/binu" means "son".
> Thus literally Talipinu is "son of Tali".
> Does it mean that Tali is a variant of the name Taru?
> Greek mythology offers a number of characters whose names theoretically
> could be related to Talipinu/Telepinus:
> - Telephos, son of Herakles
> and Tlepolemos, another son of Herakles;
> - Telphousa, a spring in Boeotia, where Apollon was going to found his
> sanctuary
> and Delphi, the spring where Apollon did found the sanctuary;
> - Delphyne, a dragon, who guarded the latter spring
> and also guarded Zeus's sinews in Cilicia (!) during the Typhonia.
> Are there true cognates among these names?
> Alexander
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