Re: [tied] W's in Swedish??

From: Harald Hammarstrom
Message: 7643
Date: 2001-06-14

> Torsten:
> >Jutland Danish ("jysk") south of the Limfjord has v before front
> >vowels, w before back vowels. North of the Limfjord it's w-
> >everywhere.
> That's interesting. My gramma was pronouncing her swedish
> words with a "w", but I'm not sure whether that's because she
> was from Minnesota (American influence) or whether this is
> actually something done in Sweden. (My gramma's parents came from
> Stockholm.)

Never heard of it in Stockholm or orher places so it's from Minnesota if

I have noticed
though that more than a few people Ostergotland (mid-south-east of
Sweden) use /w/ for their usual uvular r's as in /wa"kor/ for /ra"kor/
meaning "shrimp".