Re: [tied] Basileus

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 7560
Date: 2001-06-11

There's absolutely nothing wrong with it; in fact, it's THE
word, since <basis> < *gWm-ti-s. Well, I know that some
analyse it as *gWh2-ti-s (which makes precious little
difference, really, as PIE *gWem- and *gWah2- are roughly
synonymous). I prefer *gWmtis as a more parsimonios
analysis, because that's what extra-Greek cognates suggest
(e.g. Skt. gati-, not *giti-). I also accept that <baino:>
derives from *gWm-j-o:, not from anything with a laryngeal
in it.


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> You may be right about venio, Piotr.
> In any case, you were attempting to establish the first
element of basileus
> as basi- < *gwm-ti-. What's wrong with the Greek word
"basis"? The usual
> meaning is "step" but it is also found in compounds with a
more basic
> meaning of "going", eg anabasis etc.
> Peter