Greek wanax and basileus: A final solution finally? :P

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 7471
Date: 2001-06-05

Piotr states:
>When we discussed it for the first time, I mentioned Anttila's
>suggestion that *wanakt- < *wn-h2ag^-t-, supposedly meaning >'folk-leader'.
>[...] (e.g. the well-know Myceanaean term ><ra-wa-ke-ta>, later <la:gete:s>
>< *lah2wo-h2ag^eto- 'leader of >[armed] people').

Alright, so what we have, then, is an initial element **wn-
"folk" that is unattested on its own, a second element *xag^t-
which is not the same as *xag^eto-, making the segmentation
doubly tentative, and an IE etymology for /wanax/ that is
just as tentative since its only attestation outside
of Hellenic is in a Tocharian word that isn't certain to be
related. This sounds very possible :)

- gLeN

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