Greek wanax and basileus: corrections

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 7470
Date: 2001-06-05

Piotr self-corrects:
>Sorry, the final element is *-h2ag^etah2-. Plus, the etymology of *wanakt-
>I cited (*w(e)n-h2ag^t-) is only quoted by Anttila, but is not his own. I'm
>not sure who the real author is (Heubeck,

Whoops, okay. Well, still... *xag^etax is not the same as *xag^t-.
Is the latter a valid grammatical way of forming a word like
"leader"? Aside from the nominative *-s, it looks more like an
inanimate word, which is quite uncharacteristic of leaders who
happen to be generally animate. Although, Boris Yeltsin comes
to mind... he didn't move around very fast from what I recall.
And then there's the Pope. Every time I see him on TV I start
looking around for the puppet strings. I can't believe that
man is still going. My personal theory is that he actually died a couple of
years ago and with the help of a special team of gifted
Hollywood movie directors he is kept "alive" through special
effects and hi-definition computer animation done by the same
company who did Toy Story >:)

Perhaps I've said too much...

- gleN

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