Odp: [tied] Re: Croatians and the Carpathians

From: tgpedersen@...
Message: 7441
Date: 2001-05-31

--- In cybalist@..., "Piotr Gasiorowski" <gpiotr@...> wrote:
You only guess that there might have been an old Slavic name for the
Carpathians that might have served as the basis for the formation
of "Hrvat". But since there is no independent attestation of *xrvaty
as 'the Carpathians', the reasoning becomes circular and the
etymology has no strong points.
> Piotr
A-hm. As I recall you have pronounced the languages of the Skirni and
Bastarni to be the first Germanic languages, and they were spoken in
that general area (yes, I know, several hundred kilometers, but they
were mobile SOBs). If they called the mountains *xarfaD- something,
why wouldn't the Pre-Proto (etc) Slavs have called them something
similar? Don't forget it's a geographical name, in which case you
can't put up walls between your Proto-languages. That's independent
attestation enough for me.