Re: Semitoid, PIE, Tyrrhenian, etc.

From: jdcroft@...
Message: 7351
Date: 2001-05-22

Glen wrote

> Now, I'm no Cyrus Gordon, nor am I related to him in any way,
> but I'm sticking with the idea that Linear A is a Semitoid
> language of a certain kind while I'd say that the Phaistos Disk
> is written in an Anatolian language. As for what language the
> linear scripts were originally intended for, that's a real
> caper and even _I_ don't have a solution... Although I'm
> thinking ejective stops...

There a couple of transliterations of EtoCretian texts into Greek
characters. Glen do you know if there are any Semitoid constructions
of these yet?