Re: The Normans and their language

From: John Croft
Message: 4435
Date: 2000-10-18

Michal wrote to my post:
> > Machal, you may be interested in my History of ther Khazars which
> > uploaded some time ago.
> Where can I find it?

It is document 3026 on the archive.

In 632 AD, according to the account of Byzantine chroniclers, khan
Kubrat of the Bulgars availed himself of the failing power of the
GokTurkut khagan, shook off the vassal age his tribe was in, and
declared himself an independent ruler.

In 651 the Bulgars under Isperikh (643-701) (Kubrat's uccessor)
migrated to Lower Danube (after having been attacked by a joint
& Avar force).

In 679 the Bulgar Empire of the steppes was completely destroyed by
Khazars and the Turkic Eskil (From "Attila" - Hunnic renmants, later
Szekelers or Bulgar-Turks) were incorporated into the developing
Khazar state. The Bulgar refugees surged into Balkans, becoming
recognised rulers over Slavs by Byzantium in 681.

Hope this helps