Re: Galicia revisited

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Date: 2000-10-17

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> Some weeks ago I asked why some vestiges of Celtic culture had
> survived in the north west of the Iberian peninsular, while it had
> apparently died out elsewhere.
> When the Saxons pressed westwards into south western Britain there
> was a migration across the English Channel to what is now Britanny.
> Is there any evidence that migrants also settled in north west
> from Britain, and could this have reinforced Celtic culture there?
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> David James

I've written a whole web page on the stuff. A try of explanation of
the complex origin of Galician people, culture and languaje have been
included there. You can visit it at:

The results are of a very surprising --!!??-- and, of course,
debatable character.

Ocalitro Arvore
(Alfonso Carbonell Lombardero)