Re: RELIGION: - Red /// - Indo-Europeans and Semitoids

From: ARKURGAL@...
Message: 3706
Date: 2000-09-14


- You say that the red is connected with the Underworld, and the
warriors are thus linked with this realm: but what is the connection
between the Underworld and Deities such as MARS, THOR, TYR, INDRA,
ARES, ATHENA, PERKUNAS, PERUN?... Aren't all this Deities precisely

- What proofs exist of semitic influence in the IE traditions? You
mentioned *Dei- and the Etruscans when talking about this matter. Can
you explain?

All the cultures have their own ┬źnational genius┬╗ so to speak.
should the IE have a religious tradition entirely based on other
folks' ways?