Re: More tidbits about the painfully obvious origins of IndoEuropean

From: John Croft
Message: 3229
Date: 2000-08-18

In reply to my

> >Marc, we seem to be working to different texts here. This is what
> >I have for C-S and Europe ("History and Geography of Human
> >Genetics")

Mark asked
> (year of publication?)

> This is what I have (from "The great human diasporas" 1995 & from
> "Genes,
> peoples & languages" PNAS 94:7719-24, 1997):
> 1st (28%): centre in Middle East
> 2d: (22%): N-Scandinavia
> 3d (11%): Ukraine
> 4th (7%): S-Italy+Greece+W-Turkey
> 5th (5%): Viskaya

So maybe more recent information. He obviously seems to have
separated a marker out from his first one as a new fourth marker.