Breathy and Creaky.

From: Mark Odegard
Message: 2531
Date: 2000-05-24

Piotr is striving mightily to explain breathy-voiced and creaky-voiced in words. What we really need, of course, are sound files. I do know that some people on  cybalist and/or phoNet have the soft/hardware to create such files, but I don't know if they can manage this particular set of sounds. As for the disk space to support such sounds, go to the search engines and use the free space they offer.
The one sound I really want to hear is Czech r-hacek (r-caron), [ř], as in the composer Dvořák's name. This is probably the most sensational phoneme in any Indo-European language.
My next computer, probably a cadillac from Gateway, will have all the goodies, but presently, I don't.