Re: [cybalist] Linguistic Mathematics?

From: Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Message: 2246
Date: 2000-04-28

Glen Gordon wrote:
> On a side note, Gerry innocently wrote:
> >I thought Sarmatians were latter day Scythians?
> I thought Samaritans were latter day saints, myself. Oh well. Who's to say?

You're correct Glen. Samaritans are totally different from Sarmatians.
Celts are now thought to have been Scythians. I'm quite sure that
Samaritans could have been Scythians. Perhaps Samaritans were also
Sarmatians. But my original question was whether Sarmatians were later
(oops, there it is) or latter day Scythians?

Gerry ;-)