Re: Palaic

From: Tommy Tyrberg
Message: 1446
Date: 2000-02-08

At 03:59 2000-02-08 -0800, you wrote:
>Rex asked
>> If Paliac is known only via some clay scraps from Hittite ruins,
>> but we know enough to group it with IE Anatolian..and assign it
>> to Mysia (?) (NW Anatolia)....
>This is interesting. I have also seen it placed in North East Anatolia
>by Gurney, in his book "The Hittites". I can also remember reading an
>argument as to why it belonged near the Euphrates bend, but it escapes
At least in the first edition of his book Gurney placed Palâ between
Kayseri and Sivash, but with the reservation that it might also be
identical with the classical Blaene. The name is from a hittite adjective
palaumnili, used for the language in the Hattusas archive.