Re: Afro-Asiatic

From: Alexander Stolbov
Message: 1245
Date: 2000-01-29

> > >[Jhon]:
> > > David Rohl, popularising the concept of a "foreign elite" has
> > > recently suggested a circum Arabian connection between Mesopotamia,
> > > Dilmun, Magan (the Oman Coast), Punt and Egypt.
> > [A]:
> > Should not Meluhha (the Indus valley civilization) be added to this
> list?
> [J]:
> Yes, I would agree. Meluhha (the Indus) was definitely reached from
> the Persian gulf. If that was reached, then the reverse trade winds
> across the Arabian Sea would have carried them to the mouth of the Red
> Sea. Hence the Puntite connection.

I don't remember whether there are direct evidences of trade contacts between
Egypt and Meluhha like between Sumer and Meluhha or Sumer and Egypt. Do you?