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My first public project was an English-language index to the on-line version of Pokorny's Indogermanisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch for the benefit of those with a very limited knowledge of German. I also wanted the pages of the index to be small enough to read from internet TV. The German one page index at flaez.ch/ci-bin/pok.pl was too large to be loaded by internet TV. This dictionary now seems to have vanished from the internet, and the ultimate links are therefore currently broken.

My second public project is to provide a web based implementation of Mark Rosenfelder's 'Sound Change Applier'. To make it more than a toy, I want to add the capability to read in a list of changes from a file. At present, there are a number of development versions.

Over the few years I have put various notes about Thai and miscellaneous tools to help read and write Thai on computers on this site. I have now added an index to my Thai jottings so that they may be located more easily.

My interest in Thai has led me to take an interest in how text is encoded on computers, and thus to involvement in Unicode and ISO 10646. I have therefore added an index to my notes and working documents.

Fonts that I have created are provided for download.

Yahoo! Groups

Yahoo removed access to the archived messages, files, photos and links of the groups in December 2019. I have archived a few groups' contents and am slowly restoring them. The following groups have reached the stage where the clearly lawful content is available: Cybalist, norse_course, Nostratic, Nostratica, phoNet and qalam.

In slower time, I intend to repair broken links where possible and fix some of the major formatting problems. Repairing Latin-1 text may be akin to restoring missing letters from inscriptions - one knows there is a character there, but what it is must be determined from context.

As a convenience to some of my friends, I have published my partial index to the Yahoo! group Cybalist. Be warned that its organisation is very unstable and that it may be poorly maintained.