The rules have been set up, by Richard Wordingham, to transform PIE to Albanian.   It is coded up from the lecture series by Piotr Gasiorowski.  The first two instalments (Messages 29877 and 29908) are coded up here. Faults may be raised at the Cybalist Yahoo group, but note that Professor Gasiorowski has not endorsed this encoding.

k^ g^ k^w kWe g^w gWe kWo gWo tt sd zd ty dy g^He:sr//dorë 'hand' g^ombH//Geg dhâmb, Tosk dhëmb 'tooth' k^on!idah2//Geh thëni:, Tosk thër(r)ijë 'louse, nit' smek^ru//mjekër 'chin, beard' k^we:rh2ah2//sorrë 'crow' h3ok^t!o:ta://tetë '8' -t-a: added to PIE bHr.h2g^-//bardh 'white' g^Heimon-//Geg dimën, Tosk dimër h2org^Hi-//(h)erdhe 'testicle' pekWo://pjek 'bake, roast' penkWa://pesë, dial. pêsë (palatalisation) -a: added to PIE '5' gWHermo-//zjarm (palatalisation) 'winter' dHegWHo://dieg 'burn' dHogWHejo://ndez 'set on fire' (palat.) en- prefixed ordine//Geg urdhën, Tosk urdhër 'order' (From Latin) dek^m.ta: //dhjetë '10' semi-haplolgical after addition of -ta: * Last revised 25 January 2005 * 5 Stages: * A: pre-Albanian (Satemic IE) * B: Early Proto-Albanian * C: Late Proto-Albanian * D: Old Albanian * E: Modern Albanian V=aeiou: B=gdb * Standardise spelling y/j/_ * Tidy up most aspirates and laryngeals. h/H/B_ %=1234 H/h/_% * Changes from Cybalist 29877 * To pre-Albanian * Changes from Cybalist 29877 * Satem shift ^/'/_ * Deaspirate voiced aspirates. g'H/g'/_ gWH/gW/_ H//B_ * Oppositions neutralised before nasals * and liquids and after /s/ R=mnlr K=gk '//_R W//_R '//sG_ W//sG_ * Changes from Cybalist 29908 * Needs to bleed stop + stop -> stop tt/ct/_ * Changes from Cybalist 29877 * stop + stop -> stop P=gkdtbp P//_P * To Early Proto-Albanian * Changes from Cybalist 29877 C=3c K/C/_' * Front-vowel dependence well hidden * 2-step translation! K/C/_W(!)F W/'W/C_ w/W/'_ * Dating of next is TBC. sk/h/_ * Changes from Cybalist 29908 sp/f/_ * To Late Proto-Albanian * Changes from Cybalist 29877 'W/^/C_ '//_ * Changes from Cybalist 29908 ct/c^/_ sd/dz/_ zd/dz/_ tj/c^/_ dj/3^/_ * Changes from Cybalist 29877 * To Old Albanian. B//V_(!)V * Following implicit only - timing TBC. * dHegWHo: > dieg says it does not feed B//V_(!)V W//K_ * Changes from Cybalist 29877 * Notation complicates matters, to * handle 1 shift along c^ > c > T c/T/_ 3/D/_ T^/c/_ D^/3/_ * To Modern Albanian c/s/_ 3/z/_ * Optional rules * D/d/#_ * d/D/#_ * Dating of three TBC F=ei k/q/_(!)F g/gj/_(!)F rd/rD/_ * From Cybalist 29908 * Dating uncertain st/sht/_ * Regularise spelling T/th/_ D/dh/_ * Tidy up presentation -//_# !//_