As far as i can see, this transcription doesn't necessarily add anything to Yoruba that the existing orthographies don't cover.


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The following website reports about a new transcription for the Yoruba
language called "Yorubax Transcript". Accents are no longer used.
A 10,000 word dictionary of Yorubax Transcript complete with 1000 common
Yorubax proverbs has also been compiled.



Wolfgang Kuhl

Yoruba Language Has Just Changed Welcome to the world of Yorubax
A new dawn for Yoruba Language. Yoruba without Accent is finally Here

Compare Them
Old Form
E Fara Balè
oju to fara bale nii rimu,
E fara balè
Ikanju o se j'eja eleegun
E fara balè!
Eni fara balè a j'èdo igbin
Eni ti o kanju lo le s'orè abiyamo
Amodun o jinna kèni ma meebu sunjè
Bagba ba fara balè yoo babèrè


Est F’arrar Ballel
Ojuir t’ous f’arrar ballel nirn r’imurn
Est f’arrar ballel
Hikanjuir ous zeit j’ejja eleagun
Ennin t’ous f’arrar ballel nirn r’imurn eagunt
Est f’arrar ballel
Ennin f’arrar ballel as j’eddor ivin
Ennin t’ous kanjuir ous leit z’aurer abiyamaux
Amoddun ous jinnan qu’ennin mar m’ebur suwnjer.
B’havar bas f’arrar ballel yious baur’berrex
Learn Transcript at
_www.yorubaclub.com_ (
Are you Yoruba?

I have good news for you, the Yoruba language has just changed. Welcome to
Yoruba language New Version.
* Once upon a time, the Yoruba language was written with various
accents called ami oke - ?´ , ami isale - ?` , and faegun - e.
* Once upon a time we use to have ?, ?, in Yoruba texts.
* Once upon a time we use some unconventional alphabets called gb, and
sh in Yoruba language.

Good News
The good news is that all those are now gone with the wind.There is a new
version of Yoruba Orthography. There is a new way to write that beautiful
language called Yoruba. This new version is called Yorubax Transcript..

Introducing Yorubax Transcript

The new and easier way to write the Yoruba Language. Transcript does not use
accents or the unconventional alphabets. Transcript converts these accents
into easy to write alphabetical codes through a method called differentiation.
The unconventional alphabets are also replaced with conventional ones
through a method called Regeneration.
The result of this ten year research program - a new version of Yoruba,
Yoruba without accents.
A look at the Transcript version of Akinwumi Isola's poem - AFAIMO, in
contradistinction to the old Yoruba version on the right column will give you a
first taste of how Transcript has transformed the topographic landscape of
Yoruba literature. . .

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