Seems to me that Qalam doesn't mind specificity...

From Wikipedia, at the URL given below.

"Some of the above characters are not supported in all character
encodings, so sometimes the 口 radical on the left is substituted with a
"0" or "o", e.g.
o既 0既" (Delighted! Opera e-mail's composer rendered the ovals, too.
Methinks they are latin O's... The remaining parts are identical.)


(TinyURL unique codes seem to be radix-36; they seem ready to overflow to
a seventh digit. Radix is the number base, 10 for decimal, 2 for binary,
8 for octal, and 16 for hexadecimal. 26 letters plus 10 digits gives 36.
("hexidecimal" is perhaps a more-literate spelling, but computer people
have their own subset of spelling -- consider "compatable" and
"kernal".)) <-- still hoping to end a sentence, without contriving, with
five non-alphanumeric characters. :)

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