I did NOT devote so much as a single message to the problem, but put a note at the beginning of a substantive message.

To repeat the question of many, many months ago, has the still-anonymous "Barry" _ever_ posted a message about writing systems to qalam?
Peter T. Daniels grammatim@...

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Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> I wish you had heeded Michael Everson's advice.

You wish *I* heeded it? Hmmm, who raised the issue in the first place?
> Since this problem occurs only with messages from a few posters to a
> single yahoo group, it is hardly worth bothering with.

Really? You are suggesting there is a bug in the email client or in
yahoo groups itself? Either way, Id be interestedly to see the messages
as they arrive at your computer - can you use your email client to
*forward* one of the malformed messages to me at i18n <at> yahoo.com,
substituting "@" for "<at>" in that address please?


Barry <--- never one to let a malformed email bug rest, but who agrees
it should be taken off list at this point.

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