Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> How nice for those of you who have the slightest idea what this
> message says.

Peter -

Sorry - I will simplify.

If the email client you are using (you have referred to it as "verizon
yahoo") does not implement a feature correctly that you would like to
use (in this case we are talking about quoting messages properly when
you reply), then it is easy to switch to another email client that
*does* work well.

In some cases, these clients are used successfully by millions, maybe
10s or even 100s of millions of people. It is not as though they are
untested, or branch products like your "verizon yahoo" must be.

Basically, the points are:

- there is absolutely nothing prohibiting you from using another email
- there are many free quality products out there
- almost certainly some if not all of the email clients you can choose
from will allow you to keep using your existing email
address if that is important to you. Otherwise you can certainly use a
free email address (as I do) for mailing lists or other places where the
quoting function is needed but failing you.

So, if that entices you to consider using a different client and/or
email address, then the rest was just the same layer of things to think
about from a slight technical point of view. If you are satisfied with
the behavior of your client then you can ignore all of this.

But I suspect you are *not* satisfied, since you have mentioned it
> for the gazillionth time

And that is why I thought I'd let you know you really don't have to live
with the unsatisfactory software.




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