Ordinarily, I'd refrain from sending a message like this, but _The World's
Writing Systems_ ("WWS") is on sale (at least in the USA), at $45 plus
shipping, as listed in the flyer put out by OUP. Please see
That URL redirects.
More specifically, WWS is listed as
at least when I searched the OUP site for it.

[More toward off-topic, but related: ]

I bought my copy of WWS a few years ago when OUP last discounted it.

(Comrie's _The World's Major Languages_, too, is offered at a significant
discount, btw.)

Imho, one could do worse than subscribe to their periodic sales flyers.

(Just in case: "OUP", O.U.P., is Oxford University Press.)

I have no connection with them, other than as a customer (and admirer).

Best regards,

Nicholas Bodley /*|*\ Waltham, Mass.
OUP's _The Dictionary of Art, normally $8,800,
is available for $995 (and shipping).