My ex-roommate worked with Ajaan Suwilai on Chong two summers ago and has
Chong written data.
When I looked it over, it looked like it was going to be unicode-covered,
with odd breaks with Standard Thai spelling/orthographic conventions.

Unfortunately, the ex-roommate is out of the country and neither of us has
access to the data at present.


On 10/23/06, David Starner <prosfilaes@...> wrote:
> <http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/10/23/features/lang.php> is an
> article on saving the languages of Thailand, in part by creating
> usable orthographies. It says: "Like some of Thailand's minority
> languages, Chong had no written script. But with the help of the
> villagers in 2000, researchers at Mahidol University formulated an
> orthography based on a simplified version of standard Thai characters.
> Using the newly developed script, members of the Chong tribe then
> wrote instructional materials, trained their teachers, and for the
> first time, were able to record their own history and culture for
> posterity." Can this be encoded using the Thai characters already in
> Unicode, or does it need new characters? Does anyone know more about
> this?

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