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> Don wrote:
> > 1. How many languages have more than one writing system?
> > And how well standardized are each?
> Typically, when a language has two (or more) writing systems, becuase
> a government decrees that a writing system must be replaced. As such,
> the replacement is standard.

It's also possible for one script to be strongly discouraged, with the
that the approved script replaces it although there is no official
encouragement of its use for the language in question.

> In some rare instances, you will find individuals who write in one
> language, using a writing system that was not "known" to be used for
> that language. These private usages are more akin to simple encryption
> methods.

And probably not so rare. Not all of us here use our own scripts for
such purposes! I've successfully used this technique for leaving
unprearranged messages in a semi-public place.

One fairly standard example of such a weak cypher is the Masonic
practice of using the Samaritan script.