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At 16:52 -0700 2006-10-14, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
>Rejecting my explanation of the all-caps most certainly is an insult.
>All I'm asking is some reason to suppose you might be right.

Peter, you need an attitude check. I am not your enemy. I am a
colleague who works very hard to ensure that the world's writing
systems can be used with the Universal Character Set. In the past I
have gone to some effort to respond to your criticisms of some
definitions in the Unicode Standard, including posting draft rewrites
of those definitions to this list. I get a lot of abuse from you,
though. I find your attitude of superiority to be irritating.

Having said that, while I will out of courtesy accept your
*explanation* of the ALL-CAPS, I will still not respond to it. If you
want it considered, you can send it again in a less aggressive
orthography. Should I reward you for being so relentlessly
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