Alexandros Diamantidis wrote:
> * suzmccarth [2005-10-05 22:31]:
> > Schools concentrate on teaching children not to copy verbatim from
> > the internet and not to quote any text without both an identifiable
> > author, and publisher. This makes wikipedia problematic for schools.
> > We simply cannot accept it unless an author can be found.
> [...]
> I like these goals, and I agree that teaching typing should be extremely
> low priority for schools (although they should probably try to tech
> nice handwriting - mine didn't, and sometimes after all those years I
> look to others' handwriting with envy). But I don't think Wikipedia
> presents such a problem in this area: The author can be simply
> "Wikipedia contributors", and the publisher "Wikipedia". See this page
> for more suggestions:

It presents the problem that it is utterly unreliable.

There was an article on Serialism in Music, by musicologists
specializing in 20th-century music, and it was rewritten by a
self-proclaimed expert in everything into utter nonsense.

How would a high school student know whom to believe?

The wiki- "philosophy" is an outgrowth of postmodernism, with its claim
that there is no truth and no such thing as expertise.
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