Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> [...]
> As I just posted privately to Seshat,

(Sorry but I haven't received this yet.)

> if I'm going to be censored arbitrarily,
> I don't want to receive this List any further;

You are free to unsubscribe or re-subscribe whenever you want, using
the home page or e-mail commands.

But I would much prefer if you'd decide to stay with us and simply
avoid attacking people, either present or absent.

On the other hand, you have no limits in attacking *opinions* which
you don't agree with. Opinions don't take offence, don't complain,
don't fight back, don't sue. People do.

> but if anyone
> has "complaints," let them state them publicly.

No, please don't! Qalam's topic is quite comprehensive,
but "complaints" about other members (or anybody else) is definitely
not included in it.

Any public "complaints" posted by "moderated" members will be
rejected as O.T., while "complaints" posted by members in "white
list" will cause these members to go into "moderated mode"

> And if censorship is going to be imposed, it cannot occur
> semiweekly.

Censorship has *always* been imposed 24 hours a day here, although I
rarely had to make it visible.

Unluckily, Qalam is a dictatorship (albeit illuminate:-) and I am the
dictator, and, sorry, it is not an elective office.