Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> suzmccarth wrote:
> >
> > And Shavian?
> Yeah. But no one's ever actually used it for anything but the
> edition of Androcles. (Which is a pretty rare and valuable
> volume now -- I suspect that if I'd ever seen it on the shelf
> back in 1963 I'd have bought me a copy with my $1 a week.)

There are always lots of used copies of the Shaw Alphabet
edition of Androcles available on, so I'm not
sure *I* would call it "rare" (although others might). It took me
years to find a copy of Schonfield's *New Hebrew Typography*,
and the bookseller only listed that one as "scarce."

The Public Trustee's Copies of Androcles seem to start at $35
and go up. The trade paperback edition generally ranges from
$8 to $15.

--Ph. D.