Agustín Barahona wrote:
> El Mon, 26 Sep 2005 18:44:18 -0400, "Ph.D." <phil@...> escribió:
> >In English the word "tilde" refers only to the curly line used as a
> >diacritic.
> Thank you for your kind remark, however, those weren't my news. I thought that also in English the term _tilde_ is used to denote both sign for accents and sign for the swung dash over the "ñ". At least it's included that way in the Oxford Superlex Dictionary 1.1 (B316). Please, would be anybody so kind as to corroborate this matter? Thank you in advance.

The word "tilde" refers in English only to signs with the horizontal-S
shape: both the Spanish palatalization mark/Portuguese (and phonetic)
nasalization mark over the letter, and the larger mathematical symbol
for "approximately" or "not" at the height of a hyphen or dash -- the
latter is also occasionally called "swung dash."
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