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>Except that Spanish only uses the tilde on ñ in which case it denotes

Again, I think it is interesting to remark only a few minor correction. As I've said, Spanish uses the tilde also to indicate intensive stress in certain cases -following a few orthographical rules- not only to differentiate "ñ" from "n". At least in Spanish language the meaning of the term _tilde_ is not exclusively referred to the _virgulilla_ -a subcategory of tilde-, i.e., the sign over the "ñ". Summarizing, in Spanish a tilde is -following the definition of the Real Academia Española- any sign used to distinguish a letter from another one or to denote its accentuation. Nevertheless, the _tilde virgulilla_ is never used to denote palatalization because in our writing we don't use that sign that systematic way.

Agustín Barahona