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> Chin-Wu Kim and Geoffrey Sampson independently came up with the
> "featural" for Korean writing. Kim said it first, but Sampson got
>in into print first.

Thanks for this history. That helps a lot. I never thought of
looking in Sampson for the origins of this term.

> It simply means that the script denotes phonetic features.

But surely not a relationaship between graph and sound patterns 'at
the phonetic level', Hangul doesn't do that.

>The Jakobson,
> Fant, and Halle 1951 features turned out not to be all that
useful, but
> the notion of binary features turned out to be quite useful -- see
> Halle's Sound Pattern of Russian (1959) and everything based on
it, such
> as SPE and all its more realistic descendants.

So that's why we had to learn it.

> The notion of "phoneme" has no place in Hallean phonology.

Which is why 'featural' is such a misleading label for a writing

Unicode lumps Ethiopic, Syllabics and Hangul together as 'featural
syllabaries'. Does that make sense? I have never heard Syllabics
called featural before and it makes my job difficult as I am trying
to write about Syllabics and explain where all the different labels
for it come from.