At 20:55 -0400 2005-09-17, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

> > >Each of the words in the previous posting(s) on whose interpretation you
>> >differed.
>> Be specific. Which words did I use, how did I define them, and how
>> did that differ from the way other linguists use such words?
>I don't have time to play your game.

No, just yours, apparently.

>Look at the words where I asked for your interpretation.

Yeah, right. You said "All this (from Blissymbolics through Swahili)
shows is that your usage of the terminology is extremely different
from linguists' use of this terminology." So "each of" and "all of"
my words would lack addressable precision.

>Plus, of course, the "abjad/abugida" fiasco at the Unicode glossary.

I did not write the definitions in The Unicode Standard 3.0, and we
greatly revised the definitions when The Unicode Standard 4.0 was
published, in response to your criticism.
Michael Everson *