* Doug Ewell
| I'm not sure what to make of a raw count of this list. Ewellic is
| included, as well as a few other lesser-known "artificial" scripts
| like Geyinzi, so not everyone will agree as to how many "real"
| scripts are listed. Some experts might not count the "artificial"
| scripts.

That's true. The database has 12 artificial scripts[1], which are
debatable. There are also 2 shorthands, and a "phonetic script".

| Then there are some duplicate listings: "Ol," "Ol Cemet'," and "Ol
| Ciki" are listed individually, as are "Ethiopic" and "Amharic
| script." I don't know whether Lars counted these as 3 and 2, or 1
| and 1.

They are counted as 1 and 1. The list you saw contains all the names
of all scripts, but the system distinguishes between scripts and their
names. If you look at the URIs you'll see that "Ol," "Ol Cemet'," and
"Ol Ciki" all link to the same page.

[1] <URL: http://www.ontopia.net/i18n/category.jsp?id=3233 >

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