--- In qalam@yahoogroups.com, "Peter T. Daniels"
> If a traditional order of the signs were known, it would be
> to a "syllabary grid."

I don't think there is one.
> Arrangement by graphic similarity would also be preferable.

That would be the syllabary grid. The only question is which
order ther rows should follow, there seem to be two popular

> I think you must mean "tall screens"

I guess so. I can only fit 25 rows into a screen height.

-- with a wide screen you could run
> it across the top or bottom, maybe in a couple of lines.

How about turning the syllabaray sideways and running it across
the bottom, 30 rows x 8 columns.

I spent some time last night googling images for Thai. I used
Richard's Thai input and Marco's book to google spagetti - no
images, hotel - a few nice images and Thailand 999,000
webpage hits!

While I don't mind using itghe application as a picker, it is really
useful to have the keyboard program included so eventually as
one becomes familiar with it, one can just key in the letters.