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> So all one needs is an up-to-date Unicode catalog! (I have 3 vols. of
> v.1, one of them a *Language* review copy, two of them gifts from Lloyd
> Anderson.)

Possibly a bit of a problem if you're working with Chinese, and a
lesser problem for the 'Latin' alphabet. Otherwise it might take you
15 minutes if you've got a poor Internet connection. The index is at
http:/www.unicode.org/charts if you want pictures. If you can guess
the character name, you can just download
http://www.unicode.org/Public/UNIDATA/UnicodeData.txt (944 kB) and
search the names in that or use the name indexes at


The domain name is easy and obvious, so it probably doesn't matter if
you just put this post in the bin after reading it.

Incidentally, it's easy to avoid shortcuts you already use for another
purpose. If the sequence seems familiar, don't redefine it! The
problem is that Word may not let you redefine certain sequences, and
several years ago it silently ignored such prohibited redefinitions.

You (PTD) seem to be looking in a different section to the one I meant
when I suggested using the autocorrection facility. The one I meant
comes preloaded with entries correcting common misspellings, such as
'adn' for 'and' in the version I have. Unfortunately, I can't
remember the English tab headings.