Michael Everson wrote:
> At 23:04 +0000 2005-09-02, suzmccarth wrote:
> >But do you have to type the http part?
> Sometimes. It depends on your browser.
> >I didn't know that. I heard someone else teasing a prof about how
> >she always uses google instead of the URL. I said "URL?" Then I
> >tried out the expression 'URL' at school and the teachers said "Get
> >lost - don't give us any computer
> >jargon."
> Well, that says a lot about US education.

In Ireland they can't distinguish between the US and Canada?

> >Really! It is far more important to understand the difference
> >between a GIF and a TTF, that information is essential. But that
> >doesn't require the typical alphabetic literacy.
> Um, Suzanne, honey, the filenames are either ".gif" or ".tif" and
> those filenames are written in the Latin script, and no, Cyrillci
> doesn't make it work.


> >Anyway, if a URL was important we used to stick it on the wall above
> >the computer. You could copy it letter for letter, by its visual
> >shape, glyph, whatever.
> That would be using the alphabet. And indeed, it might require the
> knowledge of how to link the capital and the small letter shapes.

Curious use of "use."
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