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> > > > What would a spellchecker be for a language that doesn't have a
> > > > standardized orthography?
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> > > That would be the spell checker that recommends options, not enforces
> > > them (like most spell checkers),or it could simply be the "null spell
> > > checker". Not every internationalization or localization effort needs
> > > every feature that everyone that came before had.
> >
> > But what would it be checking against? Where would these recommended
> > options be coming from?
> I would guess a spelling dictionary (that may need to be created using
> the very kb we re discussing for all I know). Spell checkers of today
> use a word list, sometimes combined with stemming and other such
> linguistic algorithms. Like all other software, they are never
> considered complete, and are subject to constant revision.
> In fact, a spell checker could work with no dictionary at all, because
> there is usually a parallel "user dictionary" - so a user could choose
> to save or not save *his* preferred spellings. later over time, someone
> might aggregate those into a list all could share.

You seem to be overlooking the fact that there IS NO ORTHOGRAPHIC
STANDARD in Vai for a spellchecker to check against, NOR THE CONCEPT OR
DESIRE OR NEED for such a thing.

As Suzanne has pointed out many, many times, that's the sort of alien
thing that is imposed on native literacies by outsiders.

> I am so glad you are taking more of an an interest in linguistic
> software issue then you used to Peter. Perhaps Vellum is a better place
> to raise questions of that sort, and be sure to at least try to use
> google or your favorite search engine to do a search such as "how does a
> spell checker work" before expecting someone to give you free basic
> advice too often :)

Yeah, I figured you couldn't keep the smartass in check for more than a
couple of days.

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> Sorry - usually I cut those out before sending (as we all do apparently)
> I guess I missed it that time.

I have never seen them before, either in my or in anyone else's
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