Jonathon Blake wrote:
> Peter wrote:
> >Why does input have to be by keyboard?
> Virtual syllabic keyboards/Mouse click screens. : Slow but instantly
> recognizable by users. [I can just see trying to use that for
> inputting something in Vai on Google.]
> > > On a purely theoretical level, a thirty person L10N team can produce a
> > Do all of the thirty need to know the language themselves?
> The fewer people who fluently speak both the source and target
> language, the longer it will take to provide a complete desktop. For
> documentation, and non-translation tasks, the only language that one
> needs to be fluent in, is the target language.
> > What would a spellchecker be for a language that doesn't have a standardized orthography?
> A side effect would be forcing the creation of a standard orthography.

I bet Suzanne won't like that!

> >that a codified/able tradition of Vai prescription exists for the
> "grammar checker" to check.
> Most grammar checkers use fairly simple rule sets, designed to catch
> the most common errors.

And what they mostly do is complain about things that are perfectly
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