At 19:36 +0000 2005-09-02, suzmccarth wrote:

>Excuse me, is this sarcasm or not? I can see doing it. Virtual
>keyboards that have to be clicked are used for entry in textboxes
>in many webpages.

Not very efficient or ergonomic. Which is why keyboards are preferred
by so many.

>Anyway I rather liked the shark demo, but I have a lot of research
>to do yet to resolve how many characters are necessary for Vai.

The brief is to be able to access all of them, though the most
"necessary" ones should form the basic way in do the design.

>BTW. I thought there were going to be Han character domain names soon.

And African ones, too. Next week I'll be in Senegal participating in
a working group on African IDN.

Domain names will not cause the Chinese no longer to require Latin
characters. http:// for instance. And Chinese standards all have
Latin characters in them anyway.

Purism just ain't gonna happen.
Michael Everson *