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> Suzanne wrote:
> >Virtual keyboards that have to be clicked are used for entry in
> textboxes in many webpages.
> I've used them. For anything More than a couple of words, they
> painfully slow,

Only a couple of words go in to google. But, of course, that is why
the shark demo looks good.

In any case if you are not a touch typist in the first place anything
is painfully slow. For many scripts it seems that there are
different IME's for different demographics. So a person who
types for a job will use one kind of input and a casual browser
will use another. Both email and dictionaries for other scripts
use virtual keyboards. It is better than nothing at all but not ideal.
Best would be an onscreen keyboard that would in some way
connect to the keyboard as well, a a typing tutor.

Anyway still thinking about the inventory itself. 60 or 350

> URLs/Domain names that contain Han characters have been
around for at
> least five years.

The whole thing, the extension or whatever it is called after the
dot? Instead of .cn?