At 13:25 -0400 2005-09-02, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

> > >Explain why it is unrealistic for a person who uses a syllabic writing
> > >system to expect do data input in that writing system?
> >
>> Haven't we gone over this? There aren't enough keys. You're going to
>> have to use some sort of deadkey system if input is to be by the
>> keyboard.
>Why does input have to be by keyboard?

Provision of keyboard input certainly precedes provision
voice-recognition software. And mnay millions of people find it very
convenient. Would you like to give up keyboard input, yourself, in
favour of voice recognition software?

> > Pressing two keys, whether they are T + A or some other
>> non-latin-alphabet-based deadkey configuration, to get Vai syllable
>> TA is "input in the writing system", since the immediate reward is
>> seeing the syllable on the screen.
>You continue to not comment on the handwritten input being discussed by

I'm interested in keyboarding. Would you like to give up keyboard
input, yourself, in favour of handwritten input?

> > If they are using a computer they will be using the alphabet.
>Continuing to repeat it does not make it so.

Please show me a computer user in the world who does not have to use
an alphabet for at least some purposes.

>It sure would be nice if other languages could be spared the creation of
>jargon that appears to be endemic to computer engineers.

Unfortunately the computer interface has cultural elements that just
*have* to be dealt with. Even terms as (apparently) simple as "Do",
"Undo" and "Redo" can cause real trouble (as they did when they were
being devised for Irish a decade ago)..
Michael Everson *