Michael wrote:

>It does not change the sociolinguistic nature of computing in the
early 21st century, freeing users of (e.g. African) syllabic scripts
from the burden of having to learn to read an alphabet.
> It's unrealistic to pretend that they will not have to learn an alphabet.

Explain why it is unrealistic for a person who uses a syllabic writing
system to expect do data input in that writing system?

Why do they have to go thru a writing system that uses an alphabet
that they would not otherwise use?

On a purely theoretical level, a thirty person L10N team can produce a
desktop in a new language within a year. (Operating system, office
suites --- including spell checker and grammar checkers, Internet
suites, audio-visual tools ) Writing documentation will take another
year -- and can be done by people whose only language is the target


Does your Office Suite conform to ISO Standards?