Richard Wordingham wrote:

> This needs to work for thick people, not just smart people, and the
> odds seem high that the average Vai is thicker than the average
> person, simply for environmental reasons. Your Vai sample is
> definitely smarter than the average Vai, and obviously have more get
> up and go than average if you're meeting them in New York!

Won't the market release another keyboard if the users can express what
might work better?? Why not plan for iterative or competitive releases?
Why does it need to be perfected on the first go? That is what *I* am
having trouble grasping and I don't think I am thick at all :)

Why not plan for the long term - what will it look like in 7 or ten
years as computers get more common? Frankly I think this might be a case
where some sort of handwriting might win out - can the folks we are
discussing *write* the characters? It seems conceded that they can
*read* them at least, correct?

Might a variation of this (
work for Vai? Why or why not?