Barry wrote:

> to value access to the info differently then OUP, and hence pay PTD better.

OUP and ORA have different focus points:
* OUP:: Intellectually challenging back list material;
* ORA: Bleeding edge/cutting edge computer technology

> Which is why I suggested it would be a revision or a revisiting of the same topic.

"How to write Hittite, Cuneiform, Rongo-Rongo, Coptic, and Naxi using Word"?

> > That puts it near the tail end of the "good for backlist" category.

> O'Reilly serves the function of driving the acceptance of certain technologies, and doing it with a recognized panache.

Don't confuse backlist with midlist or front list titles. ORA keeps
front list and midlist titles. A back that covers grammatology is
doomed either to oblivion, or the backlist.

> also do lots more besides publish books as I mentioned, and their web
site explains.


Does your Office Suite conform to ISO Standards?